Within the framework of sustainable development, in accordance with the principles of safety and environmental compatibility, we have created a line of Green Love detergents and cleaning products for you.

First of all, Green Love is safe cleaning and reducing environmental impact. Green Love effectively washes and cleans, does not harm humans, animals and surrounding nature!

GREEN LOVE goods are eco-friendly home care products, which are composed of plant ingredients of natural origin and designed for daily use and cleanliness in the house!

The brand is focused on sustainable development. All our formulations are biodegradable, do not contain microplastics, and bottles are 100% recyclable. High efficiency in harmony with nature.

When expanding boundaries of the brand's mission, Green Love carries about environment and takes social and ecological responsibility.
GREEN LOVE products are produced with use of natural ingredients of plant origin,
and contain natural complex of fruit acids, ginger and bamboo extracts
  • Safe for nature
  • Biodegradable ingredients
  • Free of phosphates and parabens
  • "Vitality Leaf"
    The first and exclusive Russian System of voluntary environmental certification of products, works and services according to their life cycle (I type ecolabeling), recognized by the international expert network. Vitality Leaf is a member of the Global Ecolabelling Network.
  • Free of chlorine, phosphates, parabens and SLS
    Green Love products are effective due to their natural acids included in the formulation: citric, grape, lactic acids as well as ginger and bamboo extracts. The formulation also includes other ingredients of natural origin that are safe for the environment, humans and animals.
  • Based on biodegradable raw materials
    The ingredients contained in Green Love products are biodegradable. They do not pollute the environment, do not affect activity of living organisms, and do not accumulate in water and soil.
  • Sustainable packaging
    One of the main options to help the environment is to reduce the amount of waste. As a result, the concepts of reduction, recycling and reuse become relevant. Green love bottles are 100% recyclable, owing to which environmental impact is reduced.
  • They do not harm the microbial flora of septic tanks
    Septic tanks contain bacteria that process organic waste. Green Love products do not contain chlorine and other substances that cause death of bacteria.
  • Natural formulation
    All products are produced with use of natural ingredients of plant origin and contain natural complex of fruit acids, ginger and bamboo extracts.
Biodegradable safe eco-friendly products for suburban and private houses
  • Citric acid removes limescale
  • Bicarbonate of soda degreases and gently cleanses
  • Lactic acid has antimicrobial and whitening effect
  • Surfactant of plant origin is responsible for washing and foaming ability
  • Grape acid has antimicrobial effect
  • Ginger extract has antiseptic effect
  • Bamboo has pleasant woody fragrance
  • A functional additive of the chicory root gives shine to the surface
When actively participating in social projects, Green Love assumes social responsibility.
And within the framework of these projects, we take care of our smaller brothers and the environment:
We support the cat cafe network "Cats and people", the first public place for cats, adults and children in Moscow, as well as the first European cat cafe "Republic of Cats".
Here you can find and choose a cat for your family.
All the cats in the cat cafe were rescued and taken out of streets, or some of them had been abandoned by their former family.

We participate in "Plant the Forest" actions aimed at saving the forests of Russia.
Irrational use of forest resources, fires and urbanization have already caused a global environmental problem.
By planting trees, we create a natural habitat, thus we help to preserve the environment and animal world.

All the products are certified and have high efficiency and
safety for the environment, humans and animals
It is necessary to wash vegetables and fruits before eating to remove dirt, bacteria and chemicals, they were treated during their growth. Green Love dishwashing detergents are suitable not only for washing dishes and serving pieces, but also for washing vegetables and fruits. Eco-friendly and safe!
A safe house. How should we wash vegetables and fruits?
Green Love dishwashing detergent effectively cleans dishes, and it is easily rinsed off with cold water, owing to which electrical power can be saved when using water heaters. It is also practical in use, for example, in the absence of hot water in the country house!
How can we save
hot water?
As a rule, mixers and faucets in the bathroom and kitchen are made of stainless steel, covered with chrome or precious metals: bronze, brass, nickel. As time passes, lustrous surface becomes covered with lime and stains, loses its luster and representative appearance. For cleansing, an effective and safe "Bath and Shower Cleaner" Green Love formula has been developed with a complex of three organic acids: grape, lemon and lactic. The spray is ideal for chrome surfaces - it gives shine and cleanses gently!
How can we clean
a chrome mixer?
When there is a pet, a cat or a dog in the house, we involuntarily think about a floor cleaner which will not harm our little inhabitants. Eco-friendly Green Love floor cleaner is effective and safe for pets. Your pets will be grateful for your care! One bottle is designed for 34 applications.
And if there are animals
in your house…
How should we wash the floor?
It is relevant and safe to use ecofriendly Green Love home care products in private houses with local waste water treatment systems. It is known that use of products with chlorine and other chemicals (when cleaning plumbing fixtures, pouring them into the pipeline, etc.) causes death of beneficial bacteria that work in septic tanks. "Green" ingredients of Green Love products do not harm the microbial flora in septic tanks and do not affect vital activity of useful microorganisms.
What products are safe
for septic tank systems?
A child is in the first place in the life of parents; we give all our care and attention to our children. That is why, we carefully select laundry detergents not containing harmful ingredients that can cause allergies and diseases. Here it is better to use a special eco-friendly gel for washing baby fabric Green Love. It is suitable for the first days of the baby's life, hypoallergenic and does not contain dyes and flavors. It removes unpleasant odors from clothes, perfectly rinses out, having a mild effect on the skin of our hands. Properly selected laundry detergent is the key to baby's health!
Despite the fact that surface of the cooker is very delicate and sensitive, it experiences intense stress every day. To make appearance ideal, it is necessary to take care of delicate cleaning of glass-ceramic cooker surface. An all-purpose soda spray Green Love with ginger, bamboo extract and a complex of synergistic biodegradable surfactants is optimally suitable for solving this problem. It quickly dissolves and removes grease and food impurities out of surface. It gives shine and leaves no streaks!
Gentle cleaning of
glass ceramics
Safe washing
for the youngest
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